The Wonder Tree method


The method is based on the cabalistic tree of life, combining the theories of astrology, tarot and numerology.


The tree of life is formula or a program that puts together each person and each event in the universe.

Each person has a tree. For Each word.


You can't tell what you see before knowing the tree!


The tree of life consists of ten counts- ten circles (spheres) which are energy sources at the wisdom ("athcilut")dimension. Out of here came the Ten Commandments, the decimal calculation system, quorum of ten, the tenth discipline etc.


In addition, there exist 22 mediators or communication channels which are the 22 alphabetical letters of the Hebrew language at the creation dimension.("bina")

The world was created by the 22 alphabetical letters of Hebrew.

The Hebrew language is the creation language and therefore is defined as the holy language.

The combination of the ten counts and the 22 letters will give 32 forces, Lev(heart) in numerology of Hebrew letters. Lev(=32) ways of wisdom.


Whoever works with the heart- thrives!


32 sorts of program consist of each and every thing in the universe and in a person, since the human being is a microcosm in the image of god.


According to the Wonder Tree method it is possible to come up with a map of a person's tree of life.


Since the viewing of the method is such that every person is a spaceship which flies alone in the universe the map will have to show its spaceship model.


Relying on the map it is possible to upgrade the person and to teach him how to live in harmony and in peace with the entirety of his energies.

In another words the person learns to fly his own spaceship.

According to the map it is possible to see with what programs the person works with.

            The map is based on numerology and codes I received at the channeling.


In the method's logo you may be able to see the tree of life's sketch and even the image of an angel who pulls a person from underneath, from the kingdom ("malhoot") sphere which represent the earth and the world of producing to the glory ("tipheret") sphere which represent the skies and the world of creation.


Compared with the astrological map which is based on the date of one person's birth, the Wonder Tree map is based on the Hebrew date of birth and mostly on the person's name.


In this site there is a possibility to invite a personal full map which includes the ten energetic structures of the person, while 3 of them are given for users who signed up the site.


What exactly does the map offers except for personal information?

The idea of looking at a person and his structure opens up channels and broadens the mind. The view of the world receives different proportions.


Despite the fact the site deals with a variety of subjects in a person's life, in the end it all has to do with the method. The spiritual view penetrates every subject matter.


Even if you are far away from the spiritual world I do believe and hope you will be willing to achieve fresh and original knowledge, to release doubts and let yourselves experience.


The originality of the method derives from the arrangement of words on the tree, which is different than what you'll see in cabalistic stories.

The structure of the tree of life and of knowledge is identical.

In the tree of knowledge, there exist 10 circles and 22 letters as



But for example, the letter A(Alef) in the tree of knowledge is located from crown to wisdom and in the tree of life, according to the wonder tree method, from grace to strength.


The wonder tree method transfers a cosmic knowledge which has to do with one person. The Bank of Energies is an important notion of the method and shows how to manage our energies in order to achieve happiness.


Other instruments are angels and demons which are being expressed in the site at different levels, and mankind's dramas instruments who refer mostly to the management of emotional energies and the awareness of our being an inseparable entity of the universe and its branches.


Beyond the information's level and the mental level there are meditations of different kinds.

Any further information about the wonder tree method you'll be able to find at the website in the silvery dimension of the wisdom sphere.



With best regards,


Osher Lin


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