Close Encounters of the Third Kind


A close encounter of the third kind is what extraterrestrial experts call the meeting between a human and an alien.


1.      Listen to the original background music from the fantastic movie – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” directed by Steven Spilberg.

I watched this movie many times. It describes in as close to the truth as possible what happens when aliens communicate with people they choose, simple people. The highlight of the film is the meeting between the representatives from earth and the mother spaceship, while communication is conducted using the 5 sounds on pentatonic scale. Music really, is a cosmic language.


Since I am very familiar with the subject (of Aliens) and I have had many encounters over the years, I can testify that these events are not of the simple kind since they create a huge impact on a person physically and mentally.

Aliens channel through me cosmic knowledge that primarily relates to the Age of Aquarius – the Age of Aliens.


I often use the mantra that “every person is a spaceship cursing the universe independently”. They certainly inspired me.


I consider myself as the proud owner of a “spaceship garage”... this is what how I see my work with people and the guidance and elevation work that I do with them.


We know of kidnaps by aliens... truthfully, it is a bit frightening... this is what the negative ones do. They kidnap people and animals for their research.

According to witness accounts , of which some are listed on my website under “Spaceship Garage”, they describe being in a spaceship, loss of time and paralysis.


Recently I have been having experiences of this type... something wakes me up in the middle of the night and I feel a presence around me, I have difficulty breathing and at times I can’t move parts of my body. Other times my body vibrates in an epileptic fit type of attack.


It is not a surprise that my reason for writing this article relates to these events...


Some people who experienced a kidnap find strange scarring on their body.


I, myself, woke up one morning with 2 symmetrical scratches on my back. They were long and deep and I had no recollection of their source.


They disappeared 3 days later.


Most people do not believe in UFO’s, some of them are very scary but you cannot ignore the fact that Aliens exist.


Another sign of Aliens is their sounds, buzzy like noise that hypnotise you and creates a state of loss of will and paralysis with full consciousness


I have nursed a few UFO victims through the years. I often receive comments and emails from youth who are very keen to meet an alien!


My friends, it is not always a pleasure...


They choose us.


There are many types of aliens. Some of them look like us (humans).


They do not practice sex physically but through exchange of energy.


People from around the world have the same recollection of events. This is not a coincidence.


Aliens know how to influence our brain. Often they take eggs from a human female (I had a patient who suffered unimaginable pains, she hid it for many years and when she heard of me she asked for my help. I managed to communicate with them telepathically and they agreed to release her)


They create hybrids and cross breeds


They wipe the memory of those who they kidnap so they have no recollection of the events that took place.


Another way they communicate is through dreams.


It is known that authorities and governments acknowledge the phenomena but choose to hide it, so not to cause a mass panic.


I suggest that we should all be emotionally prepared and learn the subject.


There is nothing like the wonderful feeling of communicating with positive aliens. It is amazing!!! The feeling of love floods my body every time I connect to them and vise versa... The feeling of lightness and floating that characterises this new age. The acknowledgement of the endless space, wisdom and wonderful experiences!


By the way, I recommend that you watch the film “Out On A Limb”. This film is based on a book by Shirley Maclaine who also stars in it. This wonderful actress tells the story of her journey into the spiritual world and the highlight of it is the subject of aliens.


Even Shirley Maclaine believes in Aliens

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