Communicating with spirits and messages

I lay before you communications and messages that I received from my spiritual guides and entities beyond this realm.

I converse with a group of entities, amongst are King Solomon, the high angel Metatron, aliens from Serius, aliens from the Pleiades and others

The channelling occurs in various ways:

1.       I hear voices.

2.       I see images and shapes of energy.

3.       I receive messages telepathically.

4.       I pickup on special scents.

5.       I experience an entity entering my body which affects me physically. A feeling which is not always comfortable or pleasant.

6.       I read the signs and symbols from the universe – through my environment or through people – even if they are not aware of it.




Message 1:

The world is transforming and changing its vibration. This change affects us. It is experienced through a constant restlessness and unease and the knowledge that “this is not all”. This is followed by the need for something else beyond the material world. Success like money, career, marriage, social popularity etc, no longer satisfies. Something is missing...


Message 2:

People hold on to conventions and looking for control. This attitude brings us to a stale state and stops the flow. Believing in the rational to gain confidence, but this confidence is not real. All that is known is not always known...

The source of survival behaviour is fear. The feeling that we are a separate reality and that all that we know is safe. Fear manages our life and real self confidence doesn’t really exist. Competitiveness, power struggles, worthlessness and the external success do not bring happiness.


Message 3:

When fear takes over love vanishes

When love takes over the fear disappears

Fear is our biggest enemy that empowers our tendency to live in a survival mode

Love is an angel that empowers the energy of sustenance

Which will you connect to - the choice is yours


Message 4:

The saying that Kind David is alive and existing is not in vain

There is a difference between living and existing

Don’t be a worm, become useful and elevated...

Instead of “enjoying life” – live!!!

Instead of “making love” – love.

Living means daring, experiencing, opening our mind, opening our heart, falling in love, sustaining shocks and learning from them, not giving up. Experiencing!!!!!!!!


Message 5:

Beauty is all around but there is ugliness too

Give your energy to beauty

Start with yourselves. Expand your esthetic side. Smell fresh, dress well, tide up your home, your room. Discover the beauty in people, events. Everyone has something beautiful within.

Cherish yourselves


Message 6:

The intuition always wins

Don’t let your brain control you. Control your brain. Otherwise it will enslave you.

Do you want to make a decision? Don’t think!!!!!!!

Simply know what is right

Release the thought process

After you make a decision activate your thoughts to execute it

The brain is connected to the vibrations of the Tree of Knowledge – good or bad. Either it is good or bad, how will you know?

The brain and our thoughts take us outside and away from ourselves

The intuition is connected to the Tree of Life vibrations and takes us inside.

All the answers are within us.


Message 7:

Do you have a personal culture?

Do you have a set of ethical laws, rules and values?

The most important law is the Law of Enjoyment. It is a landmark

When we don’t enjoy someone or something, it is like a warning! Something is not right there...

For your attention

When someone or something are right, truthful and clean – everything flows

When everything flows we enjoy it!!!!

We are here to enjoy not suffer!!!


Message 8:

The Indians say that the devil resides in the mouth

Do not refer to what people say – refer to what they transmit


Message 9:

Channelling is a mean to an end

It is there for spiritual guidance and healing


Message 10:

You must use it correctly

Every person or event that we think about we empower

The energy reaches it

Take responsibility for your thoughts

The thought is a power that emanates from the third body of energy – the mental body – the yellow body

Activating the third body creates a mental reality that has the power to heal or create an illness...

Everything starts with us

What do you think of yourself?

Think about what you want!

It is only a matter of time before your thoughts become your reality


Message 11:

What is happiness?

It is a spiritual energy

It is an angel

Happiness is an androgynous energy

You do not need a concrete reason to be happy

Just be happy!!!!

(The Hebrew language is the language of creation, in Hebrew happy means authorised/confirmed...)

 A happy person is like an authorised (happy) contract

So, who or what exactly confirmed/authorised it?

A person authorised himself!

But so did the universe... 

 A happy person is the one that aspires to activate all his energetic bodies in coordination

Although some of his bodies may not be activate yet, he is happy with the ones that are...

 A happy person accepts and loves himself

The source of life, light and love are inside him

He is the king

A happy person is peaceful and substantiates his positive energy into his chaos

 A happy person assumes responsibility over his feelings, actions and thoughts thus becomes a free person!!!

A happy person grants himself to other people and doesn’t harbour inside himself

 This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take a daily account of himself in order to improve

A happy person invest in himself to elevate above his surrounding 

 A happy person is a complete person 

When in distress, he accepts and understands - learns the lesson and gains from the experience, as hard as it is.

 A happy person lives a life live an existence. He is connected to the energy of sustenance and not to the act of survival. He is connected to love instead of fear. He flows, spontaneous and breathing

 A happy person lives the here and now, respects the past and looks forward to the future – but the present reigns

A happy person is not enslaved by the material world. Money doesn’t do it for him. Money is only a mean to an end. 

 Optimism and humour contribute to a good luck


Message 12:

Every person has a spiritual family. Those people that accept us as we are, with understanding, without words, will feel us and wrap us with unconditional love, help and support without an agenda. You may meet those people in a brief second, flowing; they will suddenly appear at the right place and the right time. This is what is called “good people in the middle of the road” (translated from Hebrew).

In our biological family a spiritual opportunity may partly exist. Those relations, who aren’t spiritual, will be fairly unnatural. We will probably meet them on family occasions and they will usually be critical or competitive... or jealous... sounds familiar?

Some of the souls who are part of our spiritual family exist in different realms and they communicate with us, signal us and guard us.

With relationships that originate in the spiritual family you have the feeling of belonging and that everything flows. But there are also difficulties – but all sorts itself in the end.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of the spiritual families. We chose our friends and their place in our lives is irreplaceable

These are karmic relationships


Message 13:

The world goes towards planetary government. No more visas, states, passports. The world will be our home. That is why peace will reign – wars are expected from out of space – unity is important

Money and the monetary system will be converted to credit cards and other credits

People will work from home. Every house will have an office with a computer

The institution called marriage will lose its values and some people will live by themselves, or in communes

Children will grow up not just with a mother and father but also be raised by a single parent or a group of adults

Not every woman will bear children

Flights to space will be a matter of fact and new illnesses will be discovered. Panic attacks will be wide spread due to the changes in vibrations


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