Hello Everyone,


My name is Osher Lin and I've been involved with mysticism for many years.

In this website I convey a loaded experiential background which I achieved throughout the years, including the "Wonder Tree" method – A spiritual instrument based on the cabalistic tree of life, combining astrology numerology and Cabala.


In here you can take a glimpse at everything I love, the main purpose is to make you pleased and open-minded.


The site isn’t usual at all.


The reason for the above is that I transmit the frequencies of the Tree of Life rather than the Tree of Knowledge.


The Tree of Life is a cosmic program upgrading you experientially and emotionally.  Out of this place you can evolve spiritually and grow from the inside.


The Internet transmits on a Tree of Knowledge frequency – more and more information and the more the merrier.


In my site you are about to earn more than just information.


We're living in a new age, the Age of Aquarius, where all of us experience a change which is spiritual in its hard core essence.


The site prepares you towards the change.


On the technical level:


* Skipping from one page to the other using links or a smiling

   face which always appears at the left side of a bottom page.






Osher Lin

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