Music definitely heals the soul and it is not a surprise – it is the most supernal form of art and is originated from the Tree of Life from the enumeration (Sephira) called Bina.

Enumeration Bina is the source of all souls and is where the Hebrew alphabet (the 22 letters of the Hebrew script) were created – the language of creation (Beriah)

According to Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical teachings) the Tree of Life contains 5 worlds.

The enumeration called Malchut manifests itself in our physical world and is referred to as the Action world (Assiya). This world contains mathematics, numerology and geometry theories.

The enumeration called Tiferet is referred to as the world of formation (Yeztira) and it represents the skies and the Angels kingdom. It contains the art of painting and colours.

Meaning – numbers become colours

The enumeration Bina is the world of creation and this is where music comes from. This is where the Archangels exist, like the Angel Metatron (the highest of the angels)

... Colours turn into sounds

The enumeration called Hochma is the world of Devine emanation (Atzilut) and this is where the lights come from.

... Sounds become light

The enumeration call Keter, also referred to as Primal Man (Adam Kadmon) – the endless (Ein Sof) – do not enquire that that is beyond...

Sounds are connected to the vibrations of the chakras:

Do – Base Chakra (Red)

Re – Sacral Chakra (Orange)

Mi – Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

Fa – Heart Chakra (Green)

Sol – Throat Chakra (Blue)

La – Brow Chakra (Indigo)

Ti – Crown Chakra (Violet/Purple or White)


There is a connection between the sounds and the enumerations (nodes) of the Tree of Life:

Do – Chesed

Re – Gevura

Mi – Tiferet

Fa – Netach

Sol – Hod

La – Yesod

Ti – Malchot


Since the wonder-tree method’s map is based on a person’s name, you can actually play the name... in the same way you can turn the word AHAVA (Hebrew for love) to music: do, sol, re, sol all on the same scale.

We can make sentences with light and play and compose their music, thus heal all around us

I have a very strong link with music as you have notice by the ample background sounds as you browse through my website

.... I am sending you a directing sound



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