The method of the wonder-tree has a close link with Numerology

In contrast to astrology, Tarot and Kabbalah which are theories of Light – Numerology exists in each one of those methods but isn’t a theory of light, it is a theory of vibrations (frequencies)

Most numerologists work is based on the Pythagoras system

The wonder-tree system created new techniques of Numerology.

When drawing a personal map of the Tree of Life, we base it on these new geometric techniques channelled from King Solomon himself.

Each phase of energy or body of energy is based on this new geometry due to the transformation to a new era.

Each number has its own colour (its own frequency)

For example the number 1 is red

To be accurate 01 – is white-red

Translating the numbers to colours gives them another dimension

White-red according to the wonder-tree system means – endless action

Number 1 is linked with Aries that is the first sign on the calendar

The star sign connected to number 1 according to this system is the Sun

Astrology associates number 1 with the Sun in Aries

The wonder –tree method connects the numbers not just to colours and astrology but also to Tarot

The number 1 is the Magician card in the Tarot set

The number 100, reduced to 1 (1+0+0=1) is also the Magician card

There is a connection between numerology and the philosophy of Kabbalah

Kabbalists associate number 1 with the highest enumeration called Keter and Mercy to Wisdom (enumerations of the Tree of Life)   - through a deeper link


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Numerology affects every part of our life

For example, I was born on the 28th day of the month

The number 28 geometry is translated to the Hebrew word Koach (Power)

This means that the frequency of 28 is the same as 1 (2+8=10=1) and the star sign in my case is Cancer means Cancer frequency 1

This gives me a dominant personality of a water sign - very emotional and motherly


The way a person conduct himself - the month he was born determines his spirit


People that were born in January are under the influence of Capricorn.

According to astrologists the 26th January the zodiac sign changes to Aquarius.

However, using Numerology consider that those born at that time are still under the influence of Capricorn since they were born in January


The year a person was born influences the soul and is linked to the collective soul of the generation. It is less personal but still has influence.

Each year has a different frequency, it is under the influence of the Zodiac sign, and I mean the Chinese one which changes annually

There is another factor in Numerology which affects us – the destiny number

This number is the geometry of the date of birth and most numerologists translate is to a frequency when 9 frequencies exist

The wonder-tree system gives the destiny number another frequency when you add the zodiac influences, colour and some Kabbalistic aspects


The wonder-tree system also works with a destiny number which is generated from a person’s name

there is also a karmatic number and life purpose (mission) number

As you can see there are many aspects to the theory of Numerology


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