The Destiny number and sexual energy


Numerology – the Numbers Theory...are both the same!

Your destiny number influences your sexual flow, your emotions and your intimate relationships

Discover Your Destiny number

As already mentioned in the World of Sex page, the world is driven by Sex!

And numbers are very important...

Sex is a powerful force to be considered in the spiritual world... surprised???!!!

You can gain a deep understanding of a person and the dynamics of his relationship with others through his sexual behaviour

Here is a very significant number 69



Your date of birth plays an important part in understanding the dynamics of your romantic and sexual behaviour

How to derive your sexual and personal relationship number?

Take for example... one of the sexiest men on this planet... Brad Pitt...

Brad Pitt was born on 18/12/1973

We sum up all the numbers 1+8+1+2+1+9+7+3 = 5

Brad’s destiny number is 5

For your information, there are 11 options

The result could be between 1 to 9

10 is reduced to 1

But you must not reduce 11 and 22 as they are primal numbers in this theory


Destiny number 1:

Sex is important to you and you have strong desires

You are smart, creative and competitive

You prefer to initiate and be dominant in your relationships

You know how to find the way to manifest your sexuality

You do not make declarations in vain and are not in a hurry to display emotions

When you feel secure and stable in a relationship you will experience great and passionate love

Try to be more sensitive and understanding towards your partners... it is hard for them to live up to your high standards...

Destiny number 2:

You are romantic and need to be spoiled and demand a lot of attention.

The “togetherness” is very important to you and you have a high need for giving

You tend to have mood swings

Try to be emotionally independent of your partner

The man enjoys the challenge of concurring the woman and the woman knows how to spoil and give.

Destiny number 3:

You need excitements , new adventures and new experiences

You need sensual and physical touch, humour and laughs in bed and free and unattained sex

You tend to give sexual energy to unsuitable people due to lack in focus

You need a fulfilling partner that will know how to be challenging and surprising in the ‘everyday’ life as well as sexually and will be your anchor and assist you to focus.

Destiny number 4:

You are very much into the long term relationships

When building a new relationship, you have the natural desire to commit and invest all your energy in that relationship.

You are reliable, and your partner can count on you, you tend to be conservative.

You are not in a hurry to break an existing arrangement. You pay attention to every detail or small change with your partner

You are sensual and engage in sexual activity frequently

To succeed in your relationship you must not be emotionally reserved, be flexible in your thinking and conduct and learn to express your real feelings  – otherwise you will experience sexual blockages

Destiny number 5:

You are unsettled and lack self discipline

Movement is important to you as well as a strong need for sex.

Your sexual activity is stormy, varied and in constant need for excitements.

You express your love to your partner through sex. This is the adrenaline that activates you.

You need a strong and stable partner that will accept your tantrums and teach you to use your common sense.

It is important for you to find a partner otherwise you will find yourselves in and out of relationships with unsuitable partners – this will cause you an unnecessary heartache

Destiny number 6:

You have the ability for high giving and aspiration for harmony.

Your family and kids are your source of energy

You are sensual, romantic, you love to love, considerate, make an effort and know how to satisfy and spoil your partner.

You cooperate with your partner in bed with no inhibitions, limits or calculations.

You would like to have the perfect partner, good looking and aesthetic.

You need to learn to accept your partner as a package with the good and the bad. You must lower your expectations from yourselves or your partner to avoid restrictive love.

Destiny number 7:

You are reserved, sensitive, gentle and do not trust easily.

You are spiritual and selective when choosing your partner, therefore going through long periods of single life.

You need a partner that is similar to you spiritually and it takes you time to know your partner well. But when you make a decision you will devote yourself and trust your partner.

You need a sensitive partner that will teach you how to open up and express your feelings without fear of getting hurt

Because you too judgemental and selective, you will experience delays in finding a long term relationship.

Destiny number 8:

You are dynamic, practical and ambitious. You have endless abilities.

You are considered good energetic lovers, with the ability for high performance in bed but don’t always consider your partner

You are rational, focused and self controlled – you are not always gentle and soft towards your partner.

You must understand that expressing your feeling is not a sign of weakness and that being tough or with big ego does not lead a relationship to a positive state.

Destiny number 9:

You are compassionate, generous, open minded and with a high ability for giving.

You love with all your heart and are very likable.

You are loyal and stable in your relationships

You must avoid being extreme behaviour towards your partner – over giving vs. completely ignoring.

You tendency to argue and fight lessens through the years.

You need a partner that together you could realise your idealistic beliefs.

Destiny number 11:

This is the number of a Master – you arrived in this world to guide others.

You have positive energies,  higher than the average person.

You must change the way you think and your perception of the world to be able to affect others.

You are sensitive, easily offended and tend to experience anxiety as well as the need to be close to someone, give and be in a relationship.

 You are good lovers and need a unique partner with high level of consciousness to balance you.

You tend to be emotionally dependant; this could get you into troubles when the relationship fails.

You are attracted to unusual partners.

Destiny number 22:

You are the Masters – uniquely powerful with an excellent ability to express yourself verbally.

You arrived here to lead and act for the greater good.

You are creative, powerful negotiators and peace makers and you need the physical contact.

You tend to be offended easily which could cause delays and instability in relationships.

Finding a suitable partner is not easy for you unless you open up, develop yourself consciousness and overcome your doubts and jealousy that is usually unsubstantiated.

The moment you find your partner, you will be loyal but will need constant assurances from your partner to know you are not worthless.



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