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The Wonder-Tree method combines the Tree of Life with the Tree of Knowledge. These are two programs – but are these real trees? Of course not, these are just symbols.

Occasionally I am asked where I learnt Kabbalah. Well, I never learnt it from human beings. However I would like to mention one person called Zohar Harrari – Kabbalist and poet – may his soul rest in peace. Zohar was a soul mate who leaved in Ramat Gan (Israel) and who connected me to the Hebrew Alphabet and the Holly language.

Zohar used to say: “The undecorated simple person will sail in the sea of Tora... (spiritual knowledge)

He knew how to connect to a person’s past lives according to the Tora and claimed that I originate from Cain’s soul, Rabbi Akiva and Chanoch Ben Yarad.

He was the only one that left his mark on me, my other teachings came from beyond.

The teaching of Kabbalah touches the human soul – through pain and suffering you gain knowldget... I don’t think that you can learn Kabbalah in university... it is not the type of knowledge that the intellect can perceive (The Tree of Knowledge).

Sometimes it is the simple and humble person is connected the cosmic powers. These are people were chosen.

The story of the expelling from the Garden of Eden symbolizes a cosmic accident. The punishment was the cutting off from the real source of knowledge – the soul.

The soul is the Tree of Life, but humans started to vibrates through the waves of the Tree of Knowledge. The balance between the left (emotion, intuition, Tree of Life) and the right (Intellect, rational, Tree of Knowledge) sides of the brain was changed.



The spiritual task is to unite the two brains

We need knowledge and logic because it puts things in order, but we also need the experience which creates life and development.

The Wonder-Tree method generates formulas and graphs for people and words using geometry, secret combinations and codes. This is the logical side of the method.

The other side of it is experiencing internalisation and connection to our internal dimensions using the spiritual tools I developed.

The method teaches that an emotion is an energetic body – so is the intellect. This is knowledge.

The question of “What do you do with it” has to be asked. The ability of our spaceship (the graph that is generated from our personal map) to fly in the emotional dimensions and move to the mental dimensions in a controlled and aware way, is a spiritual skill.

Often we are not aware of the energies that come out of us.

When I was younger I used to be an intellectual person, I used to read a lot of books and engage in philosophical conversations about life... the transformation to the intuitive and experience level was continual and difficult.

It took me time to understand that true knowledge is not about collecting information. Knowledge is the understanding through experience.

Of course the understanding has to agree with the intellect.

The division is as follows:

The Tree of Life – emotion (Tiferet and Hochmah).

The Tree of Knowledge – intellect (Malchut and Binah)


Usually, the intellect and the emotional bodies and in conflict

The term “Holly Wedding” in the spiritual teachings refers to the harmony between the Intellect and the Emotions.

According to the Wonder-Tree method, the Intellect is a body that vibrates in the colour of Yellow and the Emotion is a body that vibrates in the colour of Orange.

The forth body – the Intuition, vibrates in the colour of Green – this body can connect between the Intellect and the Emotion bodies.

When we use the Green body – the Intuition (“I know”) – we simply know when to use the emotions and when to use mental thinking.

The Intellect is like a slave that wants to rule – a slave cannot be the decision maker!

The Intellect knows how to analyse and contemplate – “The Tree of Knowledge – good and bad” – either the decision is good or not...

The Emotion is stormy, changes and unstable

A person becomes a king when he uses the Intuition!!!



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